The right additives and technical support are vital when engineering a structure. The same thing applies when laying shotcrete. Partner with American Shotcrete and receive the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure your underground projects, infrastructures, new builds, and swimming pools stand the test of time. Our shotcrete is composed of a dependable and efficient mixture of cement and an ultra fine aggregate of clean sand, trap rock, or shale. Depending upon the strength needed for bonding and structural integrity,American Shotcrete mixes and promotes one part cement with three and four part sharp aggregate by volume. By screening all particles and lumps deemed too large and inefficient, we can guarantee a top-notch product. Shotcrete and gunite are perfect for repairs and restoration. It is the fastest and most effective way of applying concrete pneumatically. Whether it’s a bridge that needs restoration, or a parking garage that is crumbing and needs some reinforcement, American Shotcrete will perform under any situation.
Fine Aggregate — clay and silt free, graded from coarse to fine.
Cement — Calcium aluminate comprised cement. Conforming to the AsofTM.
Mixers and Promotions — One Part Cement, 3 or 4 part aggregate.
Surface Prep — Removal of loose and broken cement and material, cleaning of mud and debris.
Reinforcement — 2X2 and 3X3 in. mesh wire held by hook bolts, fastened to prevent displacement.
Cement Guns — Professionally trained nozzleman never allow a square joint with our hi-tech guns.