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What We Do

 Family owned & operated, American Shotcrete specializes in the application of shotcrete, a highly durable structural material for foundations, basement walls, elevator shafts, tunnels, tanks, domes drainage ditches, bank protection and swimming pools.  Applied Pneumatically through an ultra-velocity  nozzle, ready-mixed concrete is sprayed on a prepared surface and then finished to project specifications by a trained professional. 

Well Known and Respected

American Shotcrete is recognized throughout Arizona for more than 32 years for high quality shotcrete products & services.  With more than 40 years of experience, we are poised to provide the highest quality products and services to ensure an on-time finished project.  

Our team includes certified nozzlemen.  Ensure the integrity of any structure or facility by partnering with American Shotcrete for your next building, remodel or restoration project.  We specialize in swimming pools, basement walls, elevator shafts, tanks, domes, retention ponds, ditches and bank protection.

Why Choose Us?

American Shotcrete has built a  reputation for the best quality & service throughout the state of Arizona for over 32 years.  Unlike many of our competitors we guarantee and warranty our work.  Whether it is a bridge needing restoration, a parking garage needing reinforcement, American Shotcrete will perform under any situation. 

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