Shotcrete is the preferred materials in the construction of many new structures, from foundations to domes and everything in between.  It is essential for swimming pools, homes, high rises, commercial buildings, and industrial complexes.  

Shotcrete, a durable ready-mixed concrete is used for foundations, basements, tunnels, drainage channedls, bank protection and swimming pools arrives on the jobsite premixed.   It is then applied through an ultra-velocity nozzle, sprayed on a prepared surface, then finished per project specifications by a trained professional.  When properly applied, shotcrete can withstand nearly 7,000 psi after curing.

Advantages of Shotcrete include: 

     1.  Hardened properties are comparable to cast-place-concrete.

     2.  High in strength & durability with low permeability. 

     3.  Exceptional bonding ability. 

     4.  Quicker to apply than traditional cast-in-place concrete

     5.  Limitless shape possibilities; complex shapes require very little, if any, formwork. 

     6.  Formwork savings of 50-100% over conventional cast-in-place concrete. 

Gunite,   similar to Shotcrete, involves a dry or damp mixture of one-part cement & four-parts sand that is pumped pneumatically to a high velocity nozzle, mixed with water to provide a rapidly setting concrete.  Gunite is typically used for repairing and refractory installations.  

Shotcrete mix recipes used by American Shotcrete are guaranteed to meet specifications required per ACI, ASTM, MAG & ADOT standards.